Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back to writing, finally!

A few weeks of programming epubs for the iBookstore and .mobi files for the Kindle store were distracting, and felt very non-productive.  Even more distracting was the last week, waiting for sales of my books listed at Amazon.  I've read the warnings of bloggers and self-publishing pundits.  Nevertheless, once you put a book (or four in my case) out there, you can't help but have expectations.

Today was a day of inspiration, however, that pulled me out of self-doubt and back into full, excited writing mode.  I'm working on a new series.  I decided to put Socialite to bed for a few months.  I have enough notes so that when I decide to write Socialite 2, it will flow really quickly.  But instead of working on that right now I wanted to get this nagging second series out of my head and into pages (mac users will understand).  I actually was going to write this murder mystery series first.  Then last February, the whole plot of the sixteen book Socialite series just presented itself in my mind and I started writing.  The songs for that book came really quickly as well, so I knew that I had to complete Socialite 1 before I could work on this second project.

Finished two chapters today and have the first third of the book mapped out in a spreadsheet (Numbers, not Excel, of course).  I'll write another post soon to update everyone on my progress.

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